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DPBA Tour Wrap-Up Notes

Oct 19, 2017

Mike Herbert won the Men’s Masters on Sept. 29-Oct. 1 at Johnson’s Lanes in CT. by defeating Jesse Dietsch, 151-121, in the title match.

Jesse Dietsch earned Bowler of the Year honors

Colton Gue was Rookie of the Year

Gary Santora was Senior of the Year

Andy Fierlit Captures First Men's Pro Tour Stop

May 4, 2017

Andy Fierlit won the season opening tour stop and $2,200 first place prize of the Duckpin Professional Bowlers Association at Highland Bowl in Cheshire, CT last weekend.

Fierlit was in 8th place after the 8-game qualifier with 1,225 pinfall. He then proceeded to go 5-0 with a 743 pinfall in divisional match play. He defeated three players in the final round to earn the title.

  • Fierlit, 158 vs. Randy Farlow, 130
  • Fierlit, 158 vs. Mark Berends, 131
  • Fierlit, 160 vs. John Davis, Jr., 131

81 bowlers competed and the top 24 cut score was 1,151. Four 200 games were bowled.

  • Randy Farlow - 225
  • Ron Pelletier - 226, 201
  • James Simon - 224

Men's Pro Tour Kicks Off 54th Season This Weekend

Apr 26, 2017

The Duckpin Professional Bowlers Association will get its 54th season rolling this weekend, April 28-29-30, at Highland Bowl in Cheshire, CT. The first of seven tour stops will feature a $2,200 first place prize. The defending Bowler of the Year is John Zikis. A new highlight on this year’s tour schedule is the June 16-17-18 stop at Meadowbrook Lanes in R.I. will allow women to enter.

Good luck to all of the DPBA members this season. For more information, visit

2018 Pro Tour Stops & Champions

Date Location Winner
April 27-29 Lucky Strike Lanes, Mansfield, CT  
May 25-27 Southside Bowl, Hagerstown, MD  
June 15-17 Meadowbrook Lanes, Warwick, RI  
July 13-15 White Oak Lanes, Silver Spring, MD  
August 3-5 Town Hall Lanes, Johnston, RI  
August 31 - September 2 Mt. Airy Lanes, Mt. Airy, MD  
September 28-30 Johnson's Lanes, Hamden, CT  

2017 Pro Tour Stops & Champions

Date Location Winner
April 28-30 Highland Bowl Andy Fierlit
May 26-28 Southside Bowl Kyle Shaw
June 16-18 Meadowbrook James Mulvihill
July 14-16 White Oak Kyle Shaw
August 4-6 Town Hall Lanes Bernie Hipkins
September 1-3 Mt. Airy Lanes Jesse Dietsch
Sept 29 - Oct 1 Johnson's Lanes Mike Herbert

2016 Pro Tour Stops & Champions

Date Location Winner
April 22-24 Highland Bowl Phil Dix
May 27-29 Southside Bowl Colin Dunnack
June 17-19 Meadowbrook Steve Dryer
July 15-17 White Oak Joey Sears
August 5-7 Town Hall Lanes Andy Fierlit
September 2-4 Mt. Airy Lanes James Simon
Sept 30 - Oct 2 Johnson's Lanes Jesse Dietsch

2015 Pro Tour Stops & Champions

Date Location Winner
April 24-26 Highland Bowl Tim Bosley
May 22-24 Southside Bowl Colin Dunnack
June 12-14 Meadowbrook Tim Bosley
July 17-19 White Oak Scott Sponheimer
August 7-9 Town Hall Lanes Jeff Young
September 4-6 Parkville Lanes Roy Cochefski, Jr.
October 2-4 Johnson's Lanes Jeremy Ruthvin

2014 Pro Tour Stops & Champions

Date Location Winner
April 24-26 Highland Bowl Nathan Cooper
May 23-25 Southside Bowl Kevin Burke
June 13-15 Meadowbrook Mike Steinert
July 11-13 White Oak Mike Steinert
August 1-3 Town Hall Lanes Scott Wolgamuth
August 29-31 Parkville Lanes Steve Dryer
October 3-5 Johnson's Lanes Don Dove
November 8-10 Pinland Randy Farlow

Quick Hits

Dietsch Wins 1st Star at Masters

Jesse Dietsch won his first DPBA star by defeating Randy Farlow, 131-96 at Johnsons Lanes on the last tour stop of the year.oct 6, 2016

Simon Wins 1st Star

James Simon won his first DPBA star by defeating Mark Nigh, 160-141 at Mt. Airy Lanes on the 6th DPBA tour stop.sep 4, 2016

Fierlit Edges Barnes in Town Hall Final Match

In one of the most exciting matches in recent years, Andy Fierlit outlasted Eric Barnes, 169-168 in the final match at Town Hall Lanes.aug 7, 2016

Sears Wins 5th Star

Joey Sears won his 5th DPBA Star by besting John Davis, Jr., 143-125 at White Oak Lanes.jul 17, 2016

Lucky #7 for Dryer

Steve Dryer captured his 7th Star at Meadowbrook by beating Billy Thomas, 159-125 in the final match.jun 19, 2016

2nd Star for Dunnack

Colin Dunnack wins his second DPBA Star by defeating Greg Schriefer in an exciting rolloff in the final match at Southside Bowl. They were tied at 132 and required a two frame rolloff to determine the winner.may 29, 2016

Dix Wins at Highland

Phil Dix won his first star with a huge 192-112 final match win at Highland Bowl in the season's first stop.apr 24, 2016

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