NDYA Paramount Win-a-Ball

NDYA Bowlers Can Win a Two-Ball Duckpin Bowling Ball Set During the Paramount Industries Win-a-Ball In-League Event

Following is the list of winners of the Paramount Win-a-Ball in-league pins-over-average event. The winners (boy/girl, each age division) receive two duckpin bowling balls courtesy of Paramount Industries, Inc.

Our thanks go Bob Parrella and Paramount Industries for sponsoring this event.

2018 Winners

Pee Wees (ages 6 & under)
Nola Reich AMF Dundalk, MD +29
Alana Opsahl AMF Southwest, MD +29
Broy Washington AMF Southwest, MD +35
Preps (ages 7-9)
Paiton Gordon Turner's Southside, MD +41
Wayne Jet AMF Southwest, MD +48
Bantams (ages 10-12)
Anij Fluker AMF Southwest, MD +39
Cole Fales Turner's Southside, MD +46
Juniors (ages 13-15)
April Marquez Glen Burnie, MD +61
Zander Beddow Walkersville, MD +50
Majors (ages 16-21)
Taylor Harvey BWIYTL +64
RJ Hodges BWIYTL +37

2017 Winners

Pee Wees (ages 6 & under)
Saya Miles Glen Burnie Bowl, MD +27
Faith Runyon BowlMor/AMF Dundalk, MD +27
Josh Valentine Southside Bowl, MD +39
Preps (ages 7-9)
Patience Valentine Southside Bowl, MD +52
Kenny Schline BowlMor/AMF Southwest, MD +57
Bantams (ages 10-12)
Samantha McGray Glen Burnie Bowl, MD +30
Chase Butry Glen Burnie Bowl, MD +27
Grayson Ridgely Walkersville Lanes, MD +27
Christopher Sanders Town Hall Lanes, R.I. +27
Juniors (ages 13-15)
Biana Kave Johnson’s Lanes, CT +30
Nick Green Greenmount Bowl, MD +37
Majors (ages 16-21)
Sarah Matthews Bowlarama @ Victory Lanes, VA +33
Jacob Ross BowlMor/AMF Southwest, MD +50

2015/2016 Winners

Pee Wees (ages 6 & under)
Ziva Lestz BowlMor/AMF Dundalk, MD +30
Kollin Sims Turner’s Southside Bowl, MD +42
Preps (ages 7-9)
Brooke Icenroad BowlMor/AMF Dundalk, MD +31
Austin Audet Town Hall Lanes, R.I. +38
Bantams (ages 10-12)
Autumn Harrington BowlMor/AMF Dundalk, MD +46
Elan Taluy BowlMor/AMF Southwest, MD +45
Juniors (ages 13-15)
Hailey Eary BowlMor/AMF Southwest, MD +37
Shaun Rollins Turner’s Dual Lanes, MD +29
Majors (ages 16-21)
Tabitha Wetherbee Victory Lanes, VA +37
Matthew Snodderly Turner’s Southside Bowl, MD +31

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