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Men's Pro Tour Kicks Off 54th Season This Weekend

Apr 26, 2017

The Duckpin Professional Bowlers Association will get its 54th season rolling this weekend, April 28-29-30, at Highland Bowl in Cheshire, CT. The first of seven tour stops will feature a $2,200 first place prize. The defending Bowler of the Year is John Zikis. A new highlight on this year’s tour schedule is the June 16-17-18 stop at Meadowbrook Lanes in R.I. will allow women to enter.

Good luck to all of the DPBA members this season. For more information, visit

Big Games Bowled in Southwestern MD NDYA State Tournament

Apr 24, 2017

Last weekend, April 15-16, saw some big scores produced in the Southwestern MARYLAND NDYA State Tournament at AMF Southwest in Linthicum). Tops for the event was a 213 game tossed by Kyle Bull. Kyle's game included six strikes (4 in a row) and three spares. Kyle will receive a 200 game plaque and Four Bagger emblem from the National Duckpin Youth Association.

Other bowlers who approached 200 were:
Zachary Richards - 199 (needed 8 on his 10th frame spare and got 7)
Colby DeAntoniis - 194
Colt Zimmerman - 191
Lasia. Washington - 148 all wood game

Matt Buckingham Rolls 500 Set

Mar 28, 2017

Matt Buckingham, a NDYA major division bowler at AMF Dundalk (MD), rolled a 500 set on Sunday, March 26, during the NDYA Northeastern Maryland state tournament. His games were 186, 158 and 156. Matt will receive a 500 set award plaque from the NDYA.

Gene Potter Rolls 221 Game

Mar 28, 2017

Gene Potter, a 20-year-old Major Division bowler, bowled a 221 game during NDYA league play at Town Hall Lanes in Johnston, R.I. on Saturday, March 25, 2017. Gene's game included seven strikes, including five in a row. He will receive a 200 Game Award Plaque from the NDYA.

Congratulations to the 2017 Bill Yingling Memorial Scholarship Winners

Mar 16, 2017

Morgan Crouse (161-143-138=442) of AMF Dundalk in Dundalk, MD and Colby DeAntoniis (140-155-139=434) of AMF Southwest in Linthicum, MD were the 2017 Bill Yingling Memorial $250 Scholarship Winners. Scholarships are awarded for the hightest scratch series bowled by a boy and girl in February.

Hagerstown Youth Bowler Receives Awards Plaques

Mar 13, 2017

Jeffrey Wetzel, of Hagerstown, MD, received his NDYA awards plaques for the 218 game and 519 set he bowled on January 21 at Turner's Dual Lanes. The plaques were presented to Jeffrey at the youth program end-of-season awards party.

Bingo to Benefit NDYA Set for March 18

Mar 8, 2017

N44. You know the game — Bingo. On Saturday, March 18, a Bingo night will be held with proceeds benefiting the NDYA 44th annual National Tournament and the St. Jude's Childrens Hospital. Spread the word. View the flyer

Zander Beddow Bowls All-Mark 213 Game

Mar 6, 2017

NDYA bowler Zander Beddow was on his mark when he rolled an all-mark 213 game on February 17 during the Youth Invitationals match at AMF Pikesville (MD). Zander's game included six strikes. He knocked down 9 or more pins with his first ball in every frame but one and in that frame he knocked down 8 pins. He will receive a 200 game plaque and all-mark game plaque from the NDYA.

Morgan Crouse Posts Two Personal High Scores

Mar 6, 2017

It was just three weeks ago that Morgan Crouse, a NDYA Junior Division (13-15) bowler at AMF Dundalk (MD), rolled a personal high 442 set. Yesterday she was at it again as she bowled a career high 193 game, which included five strikes in a row. Plus her other two games of 110 and 140 gave her a total of 443, which exceeded her previous set by one pin. Morgan will receive a +50 pins-over-average emblem, a four bagger emblem and a 5 marks in a row emblem.

Jeffrey A. Wetzel Bowls 218 Game & 519 Set

Feb 28, 2017

Jeffrey A. Wetzel, a NDYA Major Division bowler (ages 16-21), rolled a 218 game and 519 set on Saturday, January 21, at Turner’s Dual Lanes in Hagerstown, MD. His other two games were 153 and 148. Jeffrey’s 218 game included six strikes (four in a row to start the game) and three spares. He will receive NDYA awards plaques for his game and set accomplishments.

Mother Proud of Sons' All-Mark Games

Feb 27, 2017

As reported on Michelle Beddow's Facebook page: "Colton Gue, in his first year of adult league bowling, bowled an all mark 223 game with a 528 set at Walkersville Lanes (MD) on February 24. I had a 427 set so he only beat me by 101 pins! Not complaining at all. Glad I saw it happen in person. Great game and yes we all know Colton had to beat his brother Zander Beddow, who bowled an all mark 213 game he had over the weekend in NDYA league play. Still proud of you both. One day I will have my name in lights!"

Recently Published Baltimore Sports Book Features Chapter on Toots Barger and Duckpin Bowling

Feb 3, 2017

A book titled Baltimore Sports, published last August, includes 20 chapters about Baltimore sports teams and athletes. One of the chapters, written by Stacy Karten, features Toots Barger and duckpin bowling. Read the sample chapter

Mike Ware Bowls All-Mark 224 Game

Dec 12, 2016

Congratulations to Mike Ware who rolled an All-Mark 224 game on November 12 during the R.I. Duckpin Bowlers Association Tournament Series stop at Meadowbrook Lanes in Warwick. Mike's game included six strikes and four spares.

Is It Time for a Scoring Change?

Nov 15, 2016

Some people in the duckpin ranks feel the game needs some kind of boost to create more interest and participation. One way this could be achieved is to change the way the game is scored to create higher scores. Keep in mind that when duckpin bowling started, there was already a scorekeeping process for tenpins so duckpins followed their system. However, since duckpins was more difficult, a third ball was added, which created the possibility of scoring a 10 in a frame.

There has never been a 300 game bowled in duckpins, while there are thousands of perfect games bowled in tenpins each year. As long ago as 1962, the duckpin leaders gave thought to changing the scoring system to make the scores on par with tenpins. Following is an article from a 1962 Bowling Proprietors Association magazine, which proposed a new way to score duckpins. This was 11 years before a separate Duckpin Bowling Proprietors Association and NDYA program were formed. The scorekeeping change campaign was led by the Duckpin Bowling Council and National Duckpin Bowling Congress, at that time 35 years old.

The Duckpin News has no ensuing results of the test but it seems like an interesting concept. Maybe it’s time to revisit changing the sport by altering the scoring methodology.

After 51 Years of Coaching, It Never Gets Old for Paul Schneider

Sep 13, 2016

One of the nicest people you will ever meet in the duckpin game is long-time NDYA coach Paul Schneider of Baltimore. He has been teaching and guiding youth duckpinners for over 50 years and has influenced thousands of children on and off the lanes. The Duckpin News interviewed Paul to learn more about his tremendous service as a coach.

When did you start coaching?
In 1965 at Fair Lanes Westview with the Beechfield Bantams school league. They bowled on Saturday. I coached the first year and then took over for several years.

How did you get started?
A couple of nice ladies from our Recreation Council coached at Westview and talked me into working with the league.

How many different bowling center programs have you coached?
After the Beechfield Bantams I took over the Westview Juniors/Majors with the help of a good friend of mine. We worked for a long time with 20 teams of 5 bowlers. My friend did 10 and I did 10. We worked together getting both leagues, not only bowling within, but also bowling the other league. At the end of the season, we took our bowlers to Hershey Park quite a few times and never had a problem. Over the years the league got a little smaller and some things changed, but we hung in and coached. I also started attending as many coaching clinics as possible and eventually took my instructors test. I passed and started working with John Dolch and over the years helped him with all the clinics he did in the state of Maryland for many years and eventually was promoted to a National Instructor. When Westview closed on the last day (I had been coaching there for 48 years), there were around 75 of my previous bowlers who came to say goodbye and talk about all the good times we had.

Did you bowl?
Yes, from ages 16 to 75. My highest average was 142 and my high game was 225 and a 517 set.

What was your occupation?
I had a couple of clerical jobs and eventually went to work for Bethlehem Steel Corp at Sparrows Point and became an Administrative Assistant in the Human Relations Dept. for 33 years. I retired 1992. I had a part time job with Baltimore County Recs & Parks until I was 75.

What do you enjoy about coaching?
The bowlers, a lot of which as they got older joined my adult league, so many of them have become my adopted family and call me Pop/Poppy. I have had so many that I cannot say that I remember all but I still see a lot of them as much as possible. The extra close ones came to help me through my tough times.

You became a National Instructor and served as a State Director. Do you enjoy the tournaments?
Yes, however, the bowlers are main reason for my wanting to help wherever I can. The tournament allowed me to get to know some of the other bowlers from other houses.

What are the biggest changes you have seen in the game since you became involved?
Not only in bowling, but in life and all the new technology, the young kids just do not have the interest that was there in years gone past.

What is your favorite coaching memory?
There was a lot; some good and some not so good, but the one I remember best was I had a couple of bowlers whose averages were in the 130’s. This was years ago and they were on me a little. The inspiration must have helped me because I had a 5 bagger 225 game and a 517 set. They asked me after if I would give them another chance. I asked if they would give me another chance if the situation were reversed. They said no so I told them they had their answer.

Do you ever see any of the kids you coached many years ago?
Yes. As I said above, a lot of them have remained my friends & adopted family. I love them all and I also love the game of duckpins.

Maryland Horsemen Association Renews Scholarship

Oct 4, 2016

The Maryland Thoroughbred Horsemens Association will again sponsor a $500 scholarship during the National Duckpin Youth Championships. Four scholarships are awarded to the boy and girl who bowl the highest sets, scratch and handicap, during the tournament. The national tournament will take place the last weekend of June.

Duckpin Bowling in Baltimore Sports book

Jul 26, 2016

A new book called Baltimore Sports is just being released. The book contains chapters about various Baltimore teams and athletes, including a chapter about Toots Barger and duckpin bowling written by Stacy Karten.

You can save 25% on the book purchase by going to the publisher’s web site or calling the number below. Use discount code UAPFAM.


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