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The Duckpin Bowling Proprietors of America is a trade organization comprised of duckpin bowling center owners whose goals are to promote the sport of duckpins and help the member centers improve their business. Some of the key membership benefits include the NDYA program, group buying opportunities, marketing programs and educational seminars.

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White Oak Lanes Changes Ownership

Mar 23, 2018

Two things have been very synonymous in the duckpin industry for six decades — White Oak Lanes in Silver Spring, MD and its owner Ralph Curry. After 62 years of working in the duckpin game, Ralph sold his highly respected 24-lane center to George Sloan on February 12.

Ralph was a very active and leading proprietor, who held many offices in the association over the years. He was especially supportive of the NDYA program and the Pro Tours.

The Duckpin News discussed George’s entry into the duckpin bowling business.

Q. What motivated you to buy the business?
A. Keeping this game alive. I have been a bowler for the majority of my life and if White Oak were to close, I would more than likely have to give duckpins up as there are no bowling alleys very close to me.

Q. What is your background in duckpins?
A. I started bowling in an adult-youth league at 12 years old, joined a youth league at 14 and have bowled pretty much ever since (I'm 31 now). White Oak was also my first job. I started working here part time when i was 15 and still in high school. I have worked here about 12 years prior to buying it. My parents met here and both grandfathers were avid bowlers. My grandmother on my dad's side was a bowler as well.

Q. Are you looking forward to being a duckpin proprietor?
A. Absolutely! I get to be my own boss, work in the game that I love, and interact with hundreds of nice people everyday. Who wouldn't look forward to that?!

“We welcome George to the duckpin industry and wish him much success,” said Allison Rineer, President of the DBPA. “Ralph will truly be missed among our ranks and we wish him well during his retirement.”

Duckpin Proprietors Elect Officers and Board Members

Oct 27, 2017

The Duckpin Bowling Proprietors of America elected their officers and Board members at a meeting held in the Poconos on Wednesday, October 25, 2017. The following people were elected:

  • President - Alyson Rineer Taylor, Mt. Airy Lanes
  • Vice President - David Richardson, Greenmount Bowl
  • Secretary - Megan Adkins, Suitland Bowl
  • Treasurer - Frank Ferri (interim)
  • Marketing - Chris Roth, Parkville Lanes
  • Connecticut At-Large - Sandi Thomas
  • Rhode Island At-Large - John Paterra
  • Virginia At-Large - Hope Shull

Additional Duckpin Proprietors Association Notes

  • Chris Roth is the Marketing & Promotions Director
  • Mike Hall, Severna Park Lanes, is the DBPA representative to the Bowling Proprietors Association of America

“I am very excited about our new Board and the direction we are going in,” said Alyson. “We have a lot of opportunities to grow our sport.”

Bowling Academy Recognized in Bowling Industry Magazine

Jan 11, 2017

Bowling Academy in E. Providence, R.I. was featured in the January issue of Bowling Center Management magazine. Congratulations to Peter Capello, proprietor, and his staff on this article.

Local Articles Note Major Investment in Patterson Lanes

Dec 28, 2016

An article in the December 27 Baltimore Sun noted that Ken Staub, owner of Patterson Lanes in Baltimore, will be investing $250,000 in the center. Ken acquired the center this fall. Another article appeared in this week’s Baltimore Business Journal.

Sandi Thomas: A Force On and Off the Lanes

Nov 22, 2016

Sandi Thomas has been a duckpin bowling leader in the Nutmeg state since she started bowling in her teens. She has enjoyed a solid career on the lanes and is a key proprietor in the duckpin industry. She entered the business 29 years ago as a part owner of Johnson’s Lanes in Hamden and assumed sole ownership 10 years ago. Sandi has worked hard to promote duckpin bowling and currently serves as a Board member of the Duckpin Bowling Proprietors of America and the National Duckpin Youth Association.

Some of her noted bowling accomplishments include six No.1 CT state rankings and 11 top twenty NDBC finishes. Her best season was 1993-94 when she averaged 144. Sandi has bowled eleven 200 games (225 high) and six 500 sets (538 high). She has won 32 tournaments, including three WNDA Pro Tour titles. She is a member of the Connecticut Duckpin, WNDA, and National Duckpin Bowling Congress Halls of Fame.

The Duckpin News asked Sandi about her career and thoughts about the duckpin game.

Q. How long have you been a proprietor?

A. I bought into Johnson's in 1988 and took sole ownership in 2007.

Q. How did you get into the business?

A. I started as a bowler, a coach for the Juniors, did desk work for a couple of years, and then bought into the business.

Q. What year did Johnson Lanes open?

A. Johnson's has been open since 1955.

Q. What do you enjoy about the business?

A. The variety, the customers who can make or break a day. I love working with the kids.

Q. What are your biggest challenges?

A. Being able to operate at a cost effective way, whereby I can pay my bills and not feel like I'm overpricing my customers.

Q. What changes or adjustments have you had to make over the years to meet customer needs and remain successful?

A. We offer more special pricing events, additional time at no cost, and free shoe rental.

Q. What role does Johnson Lanes play in your community?

A. We are a well respected member of the community. We provide gift certificates to school, church, or youth groups for their auctions. We have a 1-1 format, whereby special needs bowlers and their aides can come in and bowl for $5 each per session.

Q. Since your center is in an area that does not have many other duckpin centers close by, do you often get people coming in who have never seen or bowled duckpins and what is their response?

A. We tend to get a lot of walk ins by the nature of our being in a shopping plaza. So many wonder if we switch over to the big ball game at night. Once they try it, they find it fun and so much more challenging.

Q. What is your favorite duckpin memory?

A. I would guess being ranked No. 1 in CT in 1991-92 and my first Pro Tour win at White Oak Lanes when I went head to head against Pat Rinaldi. She is the No. 1 bowler in my book.

Q. What are your thoughts about the future of duckpins?

A. We need to work together as a single unit, not focusing on what was 20 years ago, but look to what we need to do today and more importantly, tomorrow. Customers are our lifeblood and we have to keep a clean, well run center. Polite desk personnel are a must. If we could get a universal program that would be available to all bowlers, whether they are in CT, MD, RI, VA, wherever, the offer would be honored at all centers. I know that's generic but there could be a Summer program where we don't give it away, but offer a reasonable discount.

Parkville Lanes Closes

Nov 6, 2016

Countless memories of fun and good times are being recalled in north Baltimore as Parkville Lanes announced it would not be reopening. The center had been closed recently due to ongoing HVAC problems and water damage to several lanes. A long time important fabric of their community, the owners and bowlers were lamenting the end of the business. Parkville Lanes was purchased 30 years ago by Edward Foreman, Brian Foreman, and Joe Closic. Parkville Lanes was a member of the Duckpin Bowling Proprietors Association and the association was planning on reaching out to help place the league bowlers at nearby DBPA member centers.

2017-18 Board Members

Alyson Rineer Taylor, Mt. Airy Lanes

Vice President
David Richardson, Greenmount Bowl

Megan Adkins, Suitland Bowl

Frank Ferri (interim)

Chris Roth, Parkville Lanes

Connecticut At-Large
Sandi Thomas, Johnson's Lanes

Rhode Island At-Large
John Paterra, Meadowbrook Lanes

Virginia At-Large
Hope Shull, Victory Lanes

Rep to BPAA
Mike Hall, Severna Park Lanes

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