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Big Games Bowled in Southwestern MD NDYA State Tournament

Apr 24, 2017

Last weekend, April 15-16, saw some big scores produced in the Southwestern MARYLAND NDYA State Tournament at AMF Southwest in Linthicum). Tops for the event was a 213 game tossed by Kyle Bull. Kyle's game included six strikes (4 in a row) and three spares. Kyle will receive a 200 game plaque and Four Bagger emblem from the National Duckpin Youth Association.

Other bowlers who approached 200 were:
Zachary Richards - 199 (needed 8 on his 10th frame spare and got 7)
Colby DeAntoniis - 194
Colt Zimmerman - 191
Lasia. Washington - 148 all wood game

Congratulations to the 2017 Bill Yingling Memorial Scholarship Winners

Mar 16, 2017

Morgan Crouse (161-143-138=442) of AMF Dundalk in Dundalk, MD and Colby DeAntoniis (140-155-139=434) of AMF Southwest in Linthicum, MD were the 2017 Bill Yingling Memorial $250 Scholarship Winners. Scholarships are awarded for the hightest scratch series bowled by a boy and girl in February.

Hagerstown Youth Bowler Receives Awards Plaques

Mar 13, 2017

Jeffrey Wetzel, of Hagerstown, MD, received his NDYA awards plaques for the 218 game and 519 set he bowled on January 21 at Turner's Dual Lanes. The plaques were presented to Jeffrey at the youth program end-of-season awards party.

Rhode Island Celebrates Youth/Adult Tourney Champs

Mar 10, 2017

The annual Rhode Island Youth/Adult Doubles Tournament took place in February and March at Town Hall Lanes in Johnston and the following teams emerged as champions.

PREPS (ages 7-9)
Brandon Simonelli and Chris Castiglioni

BANTAMS (ages 10-12)
Kodi Brown and Tom LIschio, Wickford Lanes

JUNIORS (ages 13-15)
Devin Roberts and Michael Ferris, Wickford Lanes

MAJORS (ages 16-21)
Julie Alves and Zeke Falero, Town Hall Lanes

Bingo to Benefit NDYA Set for March 18

Mar 8, 2017

N44. You know the game — Bingo. On Saturday, March 18, a Bingo night will be held with proceeds benefiting the NDYA 44th annual National Tournament and the St. Jude's Childrens Hospital. Spread the word. View the flyer

Rhode Island Youth Champions Crowned

Feb 14, 2017

The Rhode Island State Bowling Proprietors Association held its Junior Singles and Doubles Tournament last month at the Bowling Academy in E. Providence. The winners were:


  • Major Division (16-21) - Andrew Mello, Town Hall Lanes
  • Junior Division (13-15) - Johnny Quigley, Wickford Recreation
  • Bantam Division (10-12) - Kodi Brown, Wickford Recreation
  • Prep Division (7-9) - Connor Volpe, Wickford Recreation
  • Pee Wee Division (6 & under) - Christopher Pelopida, Town Hall Lanes


  • Major Division - Andrew Mello & Alexis Harpin, Town Hall Lanes
  • Junior Division - Johnny Quigley & Ben Westrbook, Wickford Recreation
  • Bantam Division - Connor Volpe & Kodi Brown, Wickford Recreation
  • Prep Division - Kodin Flagg & Samantha Boudreau, Town Hall Lanes

2017 NDYA National Tournament

General Information

Tournament Rules

Entry and Scorecard

NDYA Award Winners

Send us your award winners!

Stoneleigh Lanes (MD) - Mar 22, 2017

AMF Southwest (MD) - Mar 22, 2017

Greenmount Bowl (MD) - Mar 9, 2017

Mt. Airy Lanes (MD) - Mar 9, 2017

Victory Lanes (VA) - Mar 8, 2017

AMF Dundalk (MD) - Feb 27, 2017

Meadowbrook Lanes (RI) - Feb 3, 2017

Turner's Dual Lanes (MD) - Jan 31, 2017

Results for Youth Winter Tour Triples at Stoneleigh Lanes

Jan 24, 2017

The Youth Winter Tour Triples at Stoneleigh Lanes took place on Sunday, January 22. Congratulations to the winners!

Results for Youth/Adult Tourney at Glen Burnie

Dec 19, 2016

The annual Glen Burnie Bowl Youth /Adult Thanksgiving Tournament took place on Sunday, November 27. Congratulations to the winners!

Awards Day at AMF Dundalk (MD)

Nov 7, 2016

Throughout the season, AMF Dundalk’s NDYA Program Director Andy Clemens conducts awards ceremonies to present the various awards earned by his leagues’ bowlers. This is an outstanding form of recognition. This past Saturday, November 5, Andrew Buckingham was presented his 207 game plaque and also pictured are the Pee Wees and Preps who won awards. Congratulations bowlers! (Photos by Andy Clemens).

Pee Wee & Prep WinnersPee Wee & Prep Winners

Andrew BuckinghamAndrew Buckingham

Glen Burnie Bowl Youth Receive Norm Fleury All-American Plaques

Nov 3, 2016

Three Glen Burnie Bowl NDYA bowlers were recently presented their Norm Fleury All-American plaques for being in the top five averages in their age division for the 2015-16 season. Pictured are Madison Braun (Pee Wees), Haille Treadaway (Bantams), and David Newman (Bantams).

Madison BraunMadison Braun

Haille TreadwayHaille Treadway

David NewmanDavid Newman

Buckingham & Crouse Team Up to Win Doubles Event

Oct 31, 2016

The Fall Junior Major Doubles Tournament was held on Sunday, October 30, at AMF Dundalk (MD). This NDYA sanctioned tournament had a total of 16 teams with bowlers from AMF Dundalk and Glen Burnie Bowl participating. The top three finishers were:

1st Place - Andrew Buckingham and Morgan Crouse - 1095
2nd Place - Mallory Dunker and Zach Richardson - 988
3rd Place - Matt Buckingham and Elizabeth Crampton - 959

High Scratch Game Girls - 137 - Mallory Dunker, Sarah Klingelhofer, Morgan Crouse
High Scratch Game Boys - 207 - Andrew Buckingham

Colby DeAntoniis Receives NDYA World Record Plaque

Sep 10, 2016

Last season Colby DeAntoniis set a new NDYA World Record for Bantam boys (ages 10-12) average with 136. He accomplished that in league play at AMF Southwest (MD). Today, prior to his youth league, AMF Southwest General Manager Ann Miller presented the award plaque to Colby. Congratulations Colby!

Previously: Colby DeAntoniis Breaks His Own Bantam Division Three-Game Record

Besides finishing second in the boys division in this past weekend's NIT at AMF Southwest, Colby DeAntoniis, a NDYA Bantam Division (ages 10-12) bowler from Glen Burnie, MD, walked away with two other amazing accomplishments. His first three games of 190, 149 and 164 gave Colby a 503 set, his first 500+ set, which eclipsed his 496 Bantam boys world record, which he bowled last November 7. Colby will receive plaques from the NDYA for both accomplishments. Congratulations!

Dual Lanes Youth Bowlers Receive NDYA Awards

sep 25, 2016

Three NDYA bowlers at Turner's Dual Lanes in Hagerstown, MD were presented their award plaques yesterday for some recent accomplishments.

  • Austin Cline - plaques for 227 game & 503 set
  • Austin Cline - plaque for 2015-16 Junior Boy NDYA/WNDA/DPBA Star of the Year
  • Kiara Cline - plaque for 2015-16 Prep girl NDYA/WNDA/DPBA Star of the Year
  • Paris Randall - Plaque for 2015-16 Bantam girl NDYA/WNDA/DPBA Star of the Year

Congratulations to each bowler!

Fall Junior/Major Doubles Tour Announced

sep 12, 2016

The annual AMF Dundalk Fall Doubles Tournament will take place on Sunday, October 30, 2016 (no Ravens game that day). Squad times are 1:00 pm and 2:30 pm. The tournament is open to NDYA sanctioned Juniors (ages 13-15) and Majors (ages 16-21) and doubles teams may be any combination. Bowlers will roll three games and receive handicap based on current league averages as of October 16. Prizes (Chick-Fil-A gift cards) will be awarded based on entries. Entry fee is $10 per bowler ($20 per team) and re-entries are allowed. The entry deadline is October 23. For more information or to register, e-mail

NDYA Stars of the Month

The boy and girl each month in each age division who bowl the highest scratch games are recognized as Stars of the Month. Star Award winners receive special awards.

View Stars of the Month

NDYA Stars of the Year

The boy and girl in each age division who bowl the highest scratch games for the year are recognized as Stars of the Year. Star Award winners receive special awards.

View Stars of the Year

All-Americans & Larochelle Awards

The National Duckpin Youth Association recognizes high average bowlers each season with awards in Norm Fleury All-American, Archie Larochelle and Evelyn Larochelle categories.

View the 2015/16 Winners

NDYA Tournament

The 2017 NDYA Youth Championships will take place on June 23-25, 2017 at AMF Southwest in Linthicum, MD.

View NDYA Tournament Results

Paramount Win-a-Ball

NDYA Bowlers Can Win a Two-Ball Duckpin Bowling Ball Set During the Paramount Industries Win-a-Ball In-League Event

View Winners

Quick Hits

Matt Buckingham Rolls 500 Set

Matt Buckingham, a NDYA major division bowler at AMF Dundalk (MD), rolled a 500 set on Sunday, March 26, during the NDYA Northeastern Maryland state tournament. His games were 186, 158 and 156. Matt will receive a 500 set award plaque from the NDYA. Mar 28, 2017

Gene Potter Rolls 221 Game

Gene Potter, a 20-year-old Major Division bowler, bowled a 221 game during NDYA league play at Town Hall Lanes in Johnston, R.I. on Saturday, March 25, 2017. Gene's game included seven strikes, including five in a row. He will receive a 200 Game Award Plaque from the NDYA. Mar 28, 2017

More High Youth Scores from AMF Dundalk (MD)

Keith Morgan and Austin Lewis rolled big games at AMF Dundalk on Saturday, March 4. Keith, a Bantam bowler (ages 10-12) with a 96 average, rolled a personal high 149 game. He also had a 377 set. Keith earned an NDYA +50 and +75 set awards. Austin, a Junior Division bowler (ages 13-25), rolled a 154 game, 53 pins over his 101 average. He earned a +50 award. Mar 9, 2017

Zander Beddow Bowls All-Mark 213 Game

NDYA bowler Zander Beddow was on his mark when he rolled an all-mark 213 game on February 17 during the Youth Invitationals match at AMF Pikesville (MD). Zander's game included six strikes. He knocked down 9 or more pins with his first ball in every frame but one and in that frame he knocked down 8 pins. He will receive a 200 game plaque and all-mark game plaque from the NDYA. Mar 6, 2017

Morgan Crouse Posts Two Personal High Scores

It was just three weeks ago that Morgan Crouse, a NDYA Junior Division (13-15) bowler at AMF Dundalk (MD), rolled a personal high 442 set. Yesterday she was at it again as she bowled a career high 193 game, which included five strikes in a row. Plus her other two games of 110 and 140 gave her a total of 443, which exceeded her previous set by one pin. Morgan will receive a +50 pins-over-average emblem, a four bagger emblem and a 5 marks in a row emblem. Mar 6, 2017

Jeffrey A. Wetzel Bowls 218 Game & 519 Set

Jeffrey A. Wetzel, a NDYA Major Division bowler (ages 16-21), rolled a 218 game and 519 set on Saturday, January 21, at Turner’s Dual Lanes in Hagerstown, MD. His other two games were 153 and 148. Jeffrey’s 218 game included six strikes (four in a row to start the game) and three spares. He will receive NDYA awards plaques for his game and set accomplishments. Feb 28, 2017

Morgan Crouse Bowls Her Highest Set

Morgan Crouse, a NDYA Junior Division bowler at AMF Dundalk (MD), bowled her highest set ever on Saturday, February 11, with a 442. Morgan had games of 161, 143, and 138. She earned a +75 pins-over-three-game-average key fob and emblems for +40 and +20 pins-over-average and 5 marks in a row. Congratulations! Feb 13, 2017

Jodie Lau Bowls Her Best Game and Set!

NDYA Junior Division bowler Jodie Lau enjoyed her best day of bowling ever on Saturday, January 28, during youth league play at AMF Dundalk (MD). Jodie bowled 159-170-120—449, which were her highest game and set bowled. Jodie earned three NDYA awards — a +50 pins over game average emblem, a +75 pins over three game set average key fob, and a Triple Header emblem. Congratulations Jodie! Jan 30, 2017

Andrew Buckingham Bowls First 200 Game

Andrew Buckingham, an NDYA Junior bowler at AMF Dundalk (MD), rolled his first 207 game in the Fall Junior Major Doubles Tournament on Sunday, October 30. In his 207 game Andrew had a total of six strikes, including a four bagger. He also had a 498 three-game set. For his accomplishments Andrew will receive a 200 game plaque, four bagger emblem, 5 marks in a row emblem, and a +75 set key fob. Congratulations to Andrew Buckingham on his achievements! oct 31, 2016

Colby DeAntoniis Rolls First 200 Game

NDYA bowler Colby DeAntoniis already holds three youth world records — high average preps and bantams, plus high set bantams. Now he can add another accomplishment to his duckpin bowling resume — his first 200 game. Colby hit that score right on the button on Saturday, October 8, during league play at AMF Southwest in Linthicum. His game included six strikes with a four bagger and one spare. Colby will receive a NDYA 200 game plaque for his achievement. oct 24, 2016

Youth Bowls 199 Game

Zachary Simonelli, a 14-year old NDYA bowler, rolled a personal best 199 game on Saturday, October 15, at Town Hall Lanes in Johnston, RI. Zach's game included five strikes in a row. Congratulations Zachary! oct 18, 2016

NDYA 2016-17 Board Members

Jane Hudgins (MD)

Kathy LIschio (RI)

Lynne Harris (VA)

Board Members
Sandi Thomas (CT)
Ken Staub (MD)
Sue Herron (MD)
Hoss Byrd (MD)
Stan Kellum (MD)

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